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Measuring Instrument

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TES-52A Advanced Sound Level Meter

TES-52A Advanced Sound Level Meter

Our most advanced, yet easy to use hand-held instrument decibel meassure instrument (sound level) for measuring the loudness both in real time as well as over time from anything from "silent fans" to rock concerts or in other situations.

AZ-8921 Sound level meter

AZ-8921 Sound level meter

Very good decibel meter to measure sound or noise levels during concerts or in other situations. Very large meassuring range wich makes it very usefull in testing for example different noise sources.


Sometime we get to manufacture fun solutions for customers. On an customers requests we make a applause meter or "Clap-'o'-meter". In other words, a measuring instrument that measure the sound levels of the audiense applause. We also made it possible to adjust the sensitivity in an simple way.