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Dual Record-Player CS 505-3


Rental price:

200 SEK
€24 / $33
excl VAT

From day 2:
150 SEK
€18 / $25
excl VAT

Dual Record-Player CS 505-3 - Classical vinyl record player from the good old days. West-German company Dual


Classical vinyl record player from the good old days. Dual's turntable CS 505-3 from the 1983 is a classic. This turntable belonged Dual's Audiophile Concept series and is considered by many to be a really good turntable. The platter was driven by a belt from a 16-pole synchronous motor which allowed speed is very stable.

The tonearm is very light and the whole mechanism is floating witch results in insensitivety to vibrations.

The Tonearm also has a feature called pilot lift which means that it can´t be placed outside of the record.


* Type
Classic semi automatic turntable

* Motor:
16 pole Synchonous

* Drive system:

* Platter:
304mm, 0,9kg, non-magnetic, removable

* Starting time:

* Speed (rpm):

* Pitch control:

* Wow och Flutter:
+-0,06%/+-0,035% (DIN/WRMS)

* Rumble:

* Signal-to-noise ratio:

* Cartridge system:
Dual ULM 65 E

* Rated tracking force (10 mN=1p):
15 mN

* Frequency range:

* Low freq. trackability (300Hz):
80 μm

* High freq. trackabilety (10 kHz):

* Power source:
230 VAC/50Hz

* Finish:
Wooden console with genuine black walnut

* Dimensions
440 x 138 x 368 mm

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Dual Record-Player CS 505-3

Dual Record-Player CS 505-3

Dual Record-Player CS 505-3

Dual Record-Player CS 505-3

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