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 - One of our new flashlight with UV that allow an incredible amount of light in a small package.


One of our new flashlight with a powerful, 3W UV-LED. With a wave length of 420nm it will show both animals with UV reflective properties (scorpion for example) but also dirt like urine or other bodily fluids

The compact format make it very easy to carry around.


* Type:

* Light Source:

* Wave lenght:

* Light output:

* Power Source:
2x Li-Ion cells type 18650

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 - ACQ-FLUV420NM-3W seen from the front
ACQ-FLUV420NM-3W seen from the front

Come and see the unique material from the former GDR, the Cold War together with modern spy technology!

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Acquris unique Thermal Imaging Camera

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Featured products


A compact and powerful torch with a 3W LED from Taiwan based Edison. Gives very good light output. Body of tough and impact-resistant aircraft aluminum.


One of our new powerful flashlight that allow an incredible amount of light in a small package. Of course is it also possible to zoom the light beam, from a 100° beam down to a pinpoint spot of approx 10°


The Worlds smallest combined laser sight and high intensive flashlight. The simple but yet professional, stable and exact laser with a less than 25 mm large dot @ 100 meter and over 200 lumen high intensive light makes the ACQ-FLSIGHT-G5 to a both practical and professional sight.


First in our series of work lights for vehicles is our new ACQ-RWL40W-LED, a "Remote Wireless Work Light" with 40W LED. A remote controlled vehicle light with powerful magnetic foot, full 360° PAN and 180° Tilt very high light output.


Our new combined flashlight with dual light output (1 x 3W LED with narrow beam and 2 x 1W LED with wide beam) and a built-in HD-ready video camera and video recorder. Very easy to handle and a high resolution HD-picture (720p) in a descret format. Built-in microphone for simultaneous sound recording.


Our new version of the combined flashlight and a built-in FHD-video recorder. Very easy to handle with a built-in 2" TFT-screen for viewing the live video, playback and all settings. This version have one 3W white LEDs and one 3W IR LED with a range of 50 meters. Built-in Li-Ion battery allows up to 10 hours recording. The flashlight also sends the picture wirelessly