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 - Our standard metal detector that can be used for both search if individuals is carrying anything un-appropriate made of metal or if it


Our standard metal detector that can be used for both search if individuals is carrying anything un-appropriate made of metal or if it's any items containing metal were it shouldn't be.

The detector is very simple to use and handle with one button


* Type:
Handheld metal detector

* Output to the coil:
300 mW

* Detections distance:
Up to 30 cm

* Power source:
9V battery

* Dimensions
35 x 14 x 4 cm

* Weight
190 gram

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Come and see the unique material from the former GDR, the Cold War together with modern spy technology!

Acquris are a proud sponsor of the "Spioner!" exhibition at Aeroseum in Gothenburg!

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Acquris unique Thermal Imaging Camera

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Featured products


We are proud to announce the markets most advance camera system for autonomous wild life photography, ACQ-HUNTCAM-1080p. A camera system that can be strapped to a tree trunk and film movements in front of the camera in 1080p resolution as well as photographs in 12 Mpixel in up to 6 months on one set of batteries! And it can even send the pictures via MMS!


Our new and very compact video scanner for analog video transmitters with a very wide frequency range, up to incredibly 6GHz. Built-in high-resolution 2.5" screen lets you see the received video image. Auto Scan and manual adjustment of frequencies.


Powerful 2 watt professional portable Jammer with four bands. 900MHz, 1800MHz, Wifi and GPS.


A powerful yet easy to use, bugg detector with a very wide frequency spectrum, from 50 MHz - 6.0 GHz. Can detect GSM-bugs, Wifi-bugs, spy cameras, both wireless and wired plus much more.


Acquris new inspection camera with up to 4 meters reach. High resolution caerma with ultra bright white LED's for use in all lighting conditions. Built in video recorder with H.264 encoding for documentation.

BK Precision 2650 Spectrum Analyzer

At last we have received our handheld Spectrum Analyzer, BK Precision 2650. 2650 covers the RF-range from 50kHz up to 3.3GHz which means that it can measure/find all GSM-bugs, wireless cameras (except the ones that work on 5.8GHz band), Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, 4G and much more...