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ACQ-PICO2 - A small pico-camera with Sony


A small pico-camera with Sony's 1/4" CCD chip for high picture quality. We have put great emphasis on the development of the camera offering almost the same picture quality as a standard better surveillance camera. We use the same image chip, the programming of the signal processor (DSP ) and a tip of the Optics of high class. This makes this camera very easy to place. Thanks to the choice of sensor gives the camera more than 420 TV lines.

DSP'n are separated from the camera via a 15cm long cable. On DSP'n are then connections for power supply and video output.


Image Sensor:
* 1/4" Sony CCD (Color)


Effective Pixels:
* 582 x 500

* 2:1 interlaced

* Internal

*> 420 TV lines

Signal to Noise:
*> 48dB

My. Light level:
*> 0.2lux/F1.2 (Day) / 0.02lux/F1.2 (Night)

Electronic shutter:
* 1/60 - 1/100000 s

Horizontal Sync:
* 15.625kHz (PAL)

Vertial Sync:
* 50 Hz

* 0.45

Storage temperature:
* -30 To +60 oC

Operating temperature:
* -10 To +45 oC

Built-in lens:
* 3.7mm/F3.4 (55-degree angle)

Power supply:
* DC 12V / 120mA

* Dimensions
12 x 12 x 12mm

* Weight
70 gram inkl. kabel

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