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 - In our OEM series we have developed this combined module that consists of a H.264 compression module piggy-backing on a recording and IP-module. Since this module has both local storage on a 32 GB SDHC-card as well as IP transfer of the signal, this solution becomes very flexible


In our OEM series we have developed this combined module that consists of a H.264 compression module piggy-backing on a recording and IP-module.

The receiver has both local storage on a 32 GB SDHC-card and also IP transfer of the signal, making the solution very flexible. Since this module fully support all internet protocol, is there no difficulty to connect it with for example a Wifi-module or router.


* Type
Digital Video/Audio recorder with H.264 encoding and IP for OEM

H.264 module

* Technology:
Dedicated DSP for real time compression

* Image quality:
4 different levels

Video recorder/IP module

* Video Capture Resolution:
VGA, 640 x 480

* Video Recording Speed:
30 Images / second

* Aspect ratio:

* Recording format

* Video encoding
H.264 through the above module

* Timestamp on the recording:
Yes, selected via setup

* Recording operation modes:
Stop at full memory card
Continuous with overwriting of the oldest data at memory card full
Motion detect recording

* Frequency range, audio:
20-16000 Hz, S/N >58dB

* Storage medium:
Holder for SDHC-card with up to 32GB capacity

* Connections:
Video in (1Vp-p @ 75Ω)
Audio in (1kΩ) line level
Video out (1Vp-p @ 75Ω)
Audio out (1kΩ) line level
Power in
Power out to camera (12volt or 5volt selectable with jumper)

* Power source:
DC 12V

* Maximum current consumption:
approx. 400mAh

* Operating system:
Windows Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista, 32 & 64 bit and Mac OS 10.4 and Linux

* Sizes:
H.264 Module: 54 x 54 x 11 mm

* Dimensions
89 x 67 x 18.4 mm

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