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Latest news

Acquris have become a distributor for Peak Electronics
Acquris have become a distributor for Peak Electronics

We are proud over being entrusted to distribute Peak Electronics component tester in Sweden.
By being available to offer Peak Electronics instruments, we have today a complete range of component testers that can make detailed measurements on everything from passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors/coils, etc to active semiconductors like transistors, LED, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, IBGT, Thyristors, Diacs, Triacs, Linear voltage regulators, etc, etc.
Besides all other functions with for example the DCA75, it offers totally unique functionality like curve-tracers and updating of the internal software via USB.

Klick on the logo to end up at Peak Electronics "top notch" tester or click HERE! to come to the right department...

PS. You can also click HÄR! to come to Peak Electronics cable tester...


Invest or Start a Company in Southwest of China
China isn't only one of the largest producers of product in the world but is also becoming a real economic Super Power. Several economist believe that China will surpass USA as the economic Super Power within 10 years.

But China doesn't only produce but is also one of the worlds largest consumers of quality products. The Chinese government have spent billions of USD to lift the country from poverty to creating a consuming middle class and many high income earners.
In the communist China you are very pragmatic.
It is easier to remain in power if you give the masses "bread and entertainment". In this case, the middle class ability to spend money due to a multiplied increase in income.

Since Acquris have many years experience of trading with China and also a part owner that is Chinese with 20 years experience in helping and handling companies to start in China, we can offer something unique.

Regardless if you want to transfer your production to south of China or if you want to export your products or even set up a company in China, we can assist you with all administration, all necessary documents, give you tip and tricks of "How to", assist in finding office/production space and much, much more. With other words, we can give you everything from a solid understand for decision making to make sure you don't end up in any judicial problems or get tricked/fooled by scammers.
Contact Johan Öhgren on phone: +46-737309499 for more information


Price Adjustments due to exchange rate
Dear Customer!
To clarify regarding pricing on our website. These prices are our "standard prices" and based on an dollar exchange rate of approx. 7 SEK per dollar.
Therefore, the price will be adjusted to the valid exchange rate upon order. Therefore we recommend to always request a quote or guaranteed price before ordering to obtain the current price.


Improvement of our website on the way
Dear Visitor!
It now have been quite a while since we made any significant changes to our website. We have also experienced some mysterious malfunctions on the website when we switched Web Hotel which make the homepage look strange on some places.
We are currently in the process of improving the website and also plan to include a Web Shop if everything goes to plan.

We therefore ask for your patience and understanding during this process. We will of course add new exciting products and services on the website but wont make too much effort in updating the existing appearance.

When the new website is finished, we will make this announcements both on Facebook and Google+ plus here as a News. With other words, you will most likely not miss it.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or wish to order, we ask you to use our info email address (info@acquris.se) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you...

Johan Öhgren


Video Lighting from Acquris
Video Lighting from Acquris

After listening to our customer and investigated the market, we found room for improvement for the Video/DSLR filmer, as well as for studio work, in regards for illumination.
With our many years in developing LED-lights, we have designed a series of lights that work both inside the studio as well as "On-Location".

Take a look at our ACQ-VIDLED... and you will find our lights that either have daylight colour temperature of 5500K or continuosly variable colour temperature between 3200 ~ 5500 K.
The daylight coloured lihgts ends with CW (Cold White) and the variable colour temperature ends with DW (Dual White).

The characteristics with our lights are that they are supplied complete (included battery and charger) and are exceptionally powerful for there size.


HOT NEW Updated Porduct range of Sport and Action Cameras
HOT NEW Updated Porduct range of Sport and Action Cameras

- !!! - UPDATED - !!! - HOT - !!! - NEW - !!! - HOT - !!! - UPDATED - !!! -

We have now updated our product line of Sport- and Action cameras.

In direct competition with leading brands like GoPro, we dare to stick out our head and claim that we are not only much cheaper but also both better, have higher quality and also include a nearly complete set of accessories for lower price.

This means that you don't need to afterwards hunt for accessories to be able to use the camera were you want.
We have made an adapter to allow some of the models to use GCoPro's mounts if one wants.

As we said before, we have two types of cameras, one type we call SportCam's that looks like GoPro with it's a little more boxy design and foremost, exactly like GoPro lacks IP-protection in itself. For this, it needs the included waterproof casing which thereby makes the camera capable to handle a little more demanding environment.
The other version´, we have named ActionCam since it from the start with its "all-in-one" design. They are completely waterproof and can be used while diving "out of the box" without any accessories. They are also much lighter and thereby suitable for example helmet mount. In addition does there round tubular shape also decrease the risk of getting snagged in something as an example.

What more differ our SportCam and ActionCam?

Common for all our SportCam and ActionCam is that they record video in true full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080p.
All support 30 frames per second however some also support 1920 x 1080p and 60FPS and in some cases, and some also support 1280 x 720p in 120 Frames / Second.
As before are all our ActionCam water resistant to at least 10 meters depth and in some cases down to 30 meters depth.

Due to the larger encapsulation in our SportCam, there is on the other hand room for functions like Wi-Fi, wireless remote control (RF and in some cases also with built-in monitor to view the camera image live in the remote) and G-sensor and so on. In one of our upcoming models, also a included GPS for integrating the GPS data with the video.

Which you should you choose, SportCam or ActionCam?

Well, that depends primarily on the how you intend to use it.
If you are an adrenaline-junkie who would throw yourselves out of cliffs, are Kayaking in rushing rivers, like skydiving or Bungee jumping etc., on a regularly basis, we would suggest our ActionCam to be appropriate since it take up little space, is very light and "out of the way".
Are you on the other hand, a person who needs functions like Wifi, remote control and that bikes, drive cross-bike/motor bike, motor sports or like to dive down to around 30-60 meters, it is probably our SportCam you want.
What you choose is, in other words up to you but considering the price, you can even afford two or three since they cost about half of what for example a fully equipped Hero3 costs.
Click on the picture and look at which model suits you best.
Or why not give one as a Christmas gift. We guarantee that it will be an appreciated gift, no matter which model you choose.


Visit our new webpage - Measurement
Since we over the years have accumulated a number of measuring instruments for our internal needs, we have discovered that more than we want a quality measuring instrument for a good price.

We have therefore partly developed our own test instrument but also signed contracts with developers of quality measuring instruments.

Visit our new website where we have collected nearly all our instrument in an easy to find webpage Acquris Measurements


All new revolutionizing CCTV Testrer
All new revolutionizing CCTV Testrer

About two years ago, we released a brand new type of measuring instruments to the market, the CCTV Tester. Previously, you had been obliged to either build something yourself, or simply carry around an extra monitor and a power supply.

When we came up with this type of test instruments it was in itself a revolution. Instead of dragging around with a bunch of different instruments, multimeters, cable testers, etc, you here got a compact "all-in-one" unit.
But times are changing and more and more are using IP cameras.
Therefore, we have further developed the concept and is now releasing our new flagship, the ACQ-CCTV TST IPPOE1.

As the name suggests, we have besides 12 volt drive to the camera, Multimeter, PTZ test, Microphone test, Cable Tester, Fiber Testers and so on in the last version, also built in several test functions for IP cameras and Power over Ethernet.
We can for example both show the exact voltage (with 100mV accuracy) of each cable in a POE connection and also measure and show where a cable break or short circuit is in a cable with one meter accuracy.
Also included is a complete video recorder with D1 resolution (720 x 576 pixels) that can record the video input signal. Its also possible to zoom in the video image, something that really make it easy to adjust the focus, etc.
And all this in the same instrument!

In total we have built in over 20 features and measurements in this compact instrument that can be kept either in the service case or even better in the included shoulder bag that both fit the instrument, charger and all accessories.
Total weight with case, instrument and all accessories are only approx 1.5kg!

Read more and you will certainly wonder how you ever been able to work effectively without a ...


Acquris changes name
Acquris AB is changing name to Acquris Media and Security HB, active immediate.
Please also note that we thereby also changes bank account and company registration number.


Acquris first again - Probably the Worlds smallest camera!
Acquris first again - Probably the Worlds smallest camera!

Acquris is proud to present, probably the Worlds smallest camera, only 3.29mm wide and 3.8 mm high, including lens and LED-lights.

For one of our customers, we have managed to placed LEDs around the lens however these can be omitted in a surveillance solution.

Through its incredible small dimensions, it is of cause impossible to also fit the necessary electronics so the signal processing electronics has been placed in a separate unit. However as a difference from earlier, we have with some "technical wizardry" managed to increase the distance to none less than 3 meters between the sensor and the DSP-unit. The DSP is also built into a small cover making it possible to hide the entire solutions nearly anywhere. The cable is also only a millimeter or so thick causing very little concern when built-in. Read more about this fantastic feat by clicking on the picture.


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Come and see the unique material from the former GDR, the Cold War together with modern spy technology!

Acquris are a proud sponsor of the "Spioner!" exhibition at Aeroseum in Gothenburg!

Look at our unique OEM products!

Dont miss our micro cameras!

Acquris unique Thermal Imaging Camera

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Product News


In our new series of brand new vehicle cameras we offer very good cameras to reasonable prices for both mounting inside as well as outside a vehicle. ACQ-CARCAM6 hold the IP68 ingress standard making possible to use both ways however, since we also equipped with IR-LED for night vision, it meant to be used outside the vehicle. The IR-LED make it possible to use the camera in complete darkness. The high resolution make good use of the wide image angle.


One of our new powerful flashlight that allow an incredible amount of light in a small package. Of course is it also possible to zoom the light beam, from a 100° beam down to a pinpoint spot of approx 10°



Our most powerful free sanding jammer with no than 35 watt output power. Is delivered with the following band as a standard: CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, GPS, Wifi2,4, VHF, UHF, 4G, 4GLte, Lojack, 315MHz, 433MHz och 868MHz but can be ordered with BT, BTLte, Wifi5,0, etc. The output level can be of each frequency band can be controlled between 0~100% to achieve optimal function and coverage. --- Done ==> $userfile_name"; } } else{ echo'
'; } ?>


This is our completely new car camera system with some unique features. The viewing angle on the standard camera is 160° but we have also integrated an extra camera. This have the unique feature of like an thermal camera, see through darkness and fog.


Our pin-point metal detector that can be used for detail search of an area. The most sensitive is the tip which makes this detector easily can pin-point a bugg or detail search an area. The detector is very simple to use and handle with one button


One of our new flashlight with UV that allow an incredible amount of light in a small package.


Save time and money with our new balanced CCTV Video Balun that allow an video signal to be transferred via standard pair-twinned network cable, type CAT5 and CAT6. Due to its design, even HD signals (720p) can be transferred up to 300 meters in an proper design


Today there are several versions os Hunting cameras. We released a version with 1080p resolution several years ago, however not with 1920 but instead 1280. Today we can proudly promise true 1920 x 1080p at 30 FPS and at the same time take up to 5 pictures at 12 MP resolution. Our new ACQ-HUNTCAM-1080p-GPRS is today one of the most advanced automatic cameras system for wildlife photography. ACQ-HUNTCAM-1080p-GPRS can not only sned pictures over MMS but also e-mail video films in SVGA resolution. ACQ-HUNTCAM-1080p-GPRS can be strapped to a tree and film motion in front of the camera, regardless of day and night. At night is the built-in invisible IR-LED's with a range of up to 25 meters. The battery last for up to 6 month


In our new series of brand new vehicle cameras we offer very good cameras to reasonable prices for both mounting inside as well as outside a vehicle. ACQ-CARCAM4 hold the IP68 ingress standard making possible to use both ways. The high resolution make good use of the wide image angle.


Our standard metal detector that can be used for both search if individuals is carrying anything un-appropriate made of metal or if it's any items containing metal were it shouldn't be. The detector is very simple to use and handle with one button

visa tuttarna

In our new series of brand new vehicle cameras we offer very good cameras to reasonable prices for both mounting inside as well as outside a vehicle. ACQ-CARCAM1 hold the IP68 ingress standard making possible to use both ways. The high resolution make good use of the wide image angle.


In our new series of brand new vehicle cameras we offer very good cameras to reasonable prices for both mounting inside as well as outside a vehicle. ACQ-CARCAM2 hold the IP68 ingress standard making possible to use both ways. The high resolution make good use of the wide image angle.