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Wireless Intrumental Systems

Just as well as using a wireless microphone for singing, you also want to play your instrument without any cables.
Here we have both our own systems as well as some standard systems.
You choose the one that feels the best...

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Wireless Instrument kits

Line6 Relay G50

Rental price: 270 SEK / €32 / $44
excl VAT

From day 2: 225 SEK / €26 / $37
excl VAT

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Lumidesk USB-baserade ljusstyrningar

Ehrlund Microphones

Allen&Heath Mixers

Sennheiser mikrofoner och hrlurar

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Featured products

Line6 Relay G50

Line6 Relay G50 is today one of the markets most popular wireless instrument system. Good range, great sound and wireless freedom have made is system to a new "market standard".