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Skytronic Smoke Machine 400W


Rental price:

40 SEK
€5 / $7
excl VAT

From day 2:
32 SEK
€4 / $5
excl VAT

Skytronic Smoke Machine 400W - Small smoke machine with 400W power. Built in light effect via a 50W lamp. Visual "fire column" without the danger of open flame


Small smoke machine with 400W power. Built-in light effect through a 50W bulb. The light illuminates the smoke and thus creates a cool effect, similar to a column of fire. Remote controled.

1 tank smoke liquid is included in the rental price


* Type:
Small smoke machine

* Smoke volume:
ca 51 m³ per minute

* Heat-up time:
7 min

* Tank capacity
0,4 liter

* Strömförbrukning:
230V, 3.15A (400W)

* Connection:
Remote control

* Dimensions
280 x 250 x 110 mm

* Weight
2,1 kg

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Skytronic Smoke Machine 400W - Simple remote control
Simple remote control

Skytronic Smoke Machine 400W - Simple but neat harmless "fire" effect
Simple but neat harmless "fire" effect

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