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Chauvet Hurricane™ 1800 Flex


Rental price:

230 SEK
€27 / $38
excl VAT

From day 2:
184 SEK
€22 / $30
excl VAT

 - Very powerful smoke machine with 180° adjustable nozzle. Over 700 m³/minute!


Powerful DMX-controlled smoke machine with large tank.
The head can be adjusted 180° so you can both produce a smoke stack as well as mounting it in the celing.
Indication of low fluid level with automatic stop.
Is delivered with remote control with built-in timer. Button directly on the machine for manual activation.

Smoke-fluid is not included in the rental price


* Type:
Smoke machine

* Smoke volume:
about 707 m³/minute

* Fluid consumptions:
ca 150ml/minute

* Heat-up time:
10 minute

* Tank volume:
5 litre

* DMX-chanals:

* Power consumption:
230V, 5,7A (1800W)

* Connection:
Remote control, DMX512 XLR 5-pole in/out, DMX512 XLR 3-pole in/out, AC in T65

* Dimensions
585 x 347 x 374 mm

* Weight
13,1 kg

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 - Connectors

 - Remote control
Remote control

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