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Rental price:

900 SEK
€106 / $148
excl VAT

From day 2:
630 SEK
€74 / $103
excl VAT

Roundsmen - Get some help with roundsmen/distribution


Roundsmen and transportation of the leased equipment.

For the above price the following applies:

* Treatment of leased equipment from our warehouse
* Roundsmen to agreed location
* Unpacking from the transporter of equipment at an agreed place
* Pick up of equipment from the same location as the equipment was delivered to
* Return of the equipment to our warehouse

The price assumes that no part of the equipment needs to be unpacked or re-apcked upon the delivery or pick-up time and that all other lease conditions are met.

Prices are based on
Day 1-price refers to the distribution and day-2 price refers to pickup.
Added to this cost will be 35 SEK / km which takes into account the fastest transport route but not necessary the shortest. Added is also any congestion fees and / or other transportation fees, such as ferry costs, etc.

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Get some help with roundsmen/distribution

Rent of Renault Trafic

Rent of Renault Trafic

Why rent from others when you can avoid all hazle and both rent the equipment and the transport vehicles at low rates directly from us