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Sennheiser SKM500 with e965 capsule


Rental price:

630 SEK
€74 / $103
excl VAT

From day 2:
450 SEK
€53 / $74
excl VAT

Sennheiser SKM500 with e965  capsule - The worlds best song microphone, here in the wireless version! Sennheiser has developed this amazing vocal microphone that makes almost anyone to sound fantastic. Very popular on both stage as well as in TV studios.


Professional wireless vocal microphone in capacitor technology. The Polar-pattern can be adjusted between cardioid and super cardioid and it also has adjustable sensitivity (0 and -10dB).
Sennheiser has with this microphone developed one of the best vocal microphones in the market. Beautiful capsule and aurally pleasing vocal microphone.
This microphone is very popular within the TV Broadcast industry since it makes most artist to "sound their best".

The microphone has become something of a standard in the broadcast industry and professional PA thanks to integrated special blast/pop protection plate to shield the diaphragm from excessive sound pressure levels.
It also makes the microphone relatively insensitive to handling noise.

The microphone supplied with stand holders and pouch.

* Rugged metal body

* Extended dynamic response with pronounced presence and vocal ‘punch’

* Excellent feedback rejection

* Very good rejection of handling noise

* Very high sound pressure handling capability


* Transducer principle:
Pre-polarised condenser microphone

* Pick-up pattern:
Cardioid and Super-cardioid

* Frequency response:
80 - 18000 Hz

* Sensitivity:
7 mV/Pa (1kHz) / 2,2mV/PA (-10dB)

* Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv):
144 dB / 154 dB

* Equivalent noise level (A-weighted DIN IEC651)

* Signal/Noice ratio:
115 dB(A)

* THD:
<0,9 dB

* RF frequency range:
516 - 865 MHz:

* Transmission/receiving frequencies:

* Presets:
Max 32

* Switching bandwidth:
42 MHz

* Maximum deviation:
±48 kHz

* Compander:

* Maximum RF Output:
10/30 mW

* Power source:
2 x AA batteries

* Operating time:
>8 hours

* Dimensions
Ø48 x 265 mm

* Weight
450 gram

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Sennheiser SKM500 with e965  capsule - Adjustable polar pattern
Adjustable polar pattern

Sennheiser SKM500 with e965  capsule - Adjustable sensitivity
Adjustable sensitivity

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