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Acquris moves the DDR exhibition to Aeroseum in Go

Acquris together with the Association "Sverige Öga och Öra" (Swedish Eye and Ear), have during the summer together with Vaxholms fortress been having a Spy exhibition focused on DDR from a intelligence perspective and the cold war era. We have also exhibited modern "Spy technology".

Since the fortress has now closed for public for this season, we have moved the exhibition to Aeroseum in Gothenburg in stead.
There can you see both this exhibition as well as another exhibition regarding spying and spies in Sweden (a smaller version of the exhibition that we had at the Army museum in Stockholm a couple of years ago).
In both these exhibitions, we show classical spy cases, the history of spying and information about DDR and Stasi, and much more.

The exhibition shows unique material from both Swedish counter intelligence agency SÄPO's as well as the East German intelligence agency's, Stasi's archives.
Come and see how close we came to a nuclear war in Europe, pictures from Honecker's bunker that was built to withstand a direct hit with nuclear weapons, nuclear depots at Swedens doorstep, why DDR's athletes could win 11 of 13 gold medals at the Olympics in 1976 plus not the least the complete documentation from a Stasi spies recruitment, his spy reportsm his rewards, all the way to his discharge 24 years later.
Acquris also show modern Spy technology.

For the little more curious, Acquris has also built in a couple of covert cameras into some everyday items that the visitor can try to find.

See classic and modern Spy technology at Aeroseum.

Click here for more information of how to get to Aeroseum

If you want to know more about the Association Swedish Eye and Ear, click here

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