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Klientmjukvaran för våra ILDVR-system, Live Center 9.0 kan du ladda ner här.

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Astral Surveillance Program2.msi

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Klientmjukvaran för våra Net Cat-system, Net Cat 6.4 Client kan du ladda ner här.

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Acquris unique Thermal Imaging Camera

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Product News


Our most powerful free sanding jammer with no than 35 watt output power. Is delivered with the following band as a standard: CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, GPS, Wifi2,4, VHF, UHF, 4G, 4GLte, Lojack, 315MHz, 433MHz och 868MHz but can be ordered with BT, BTLte, Wifi5,0, etc. The output level can be of each frequency band can be controlled between 0~100% to achieve optimal function and coverage.


Our standard metal detector that can be used for both search if individuals is carrying anything un-appropriate made of metal or if it's any items containing metal were it shouldn't be. The detector is very simple to use and handle with one button


One of our new flashlight with UV that allow an incredible amount of light in a small package.


This is our completely new car camera system with some unique features. The viewing angle on the standard camera is 160° but we have also integrated an extra camera. This have the unique feature of like an thermal camera, see through darkness and fog.


Save time and money with our new balanced CCTV Video Balun that allow an video signal to be transferred via standard pair-twinned network cable, type CAT5 and CAT6. Due to its design, it can transfer signals and power to the camera, up to 600 meters in an proper design.